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Project Description
David’s Guitar Effects Modeling Software, or GEMS, is a piece of software that provides multiple real-time effects for musicians and guitar hobbyists.

The purpose of this software is to process the sound coming from the computer’s input with a variety of selectable effects, and then play back the new sound via the computer’s speakers or headphones. GEMS will hold a list of preset configurations that will assist the user in picking a starting point for their preferred sound, and it will allow for the addition of user-created presets for quick access to your favorite setups. The effects for this modeling software include, but are not limited to: an overdrive effect for volume amplification with the possibility of slight sound distortion; a distortion effect for intentional sound distortion; a chorus effect that layers the same sound wave over itself but with a slight 1-3ms delay; and a 5 band equalizer that will allow the user to control sound levels in the outputted signal. D'GEMS will also provide users with a built-in tuner for quickly getting your guitar back in tune and ready to play.

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